International Electric Corporation

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International Electric Corporation
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General Information
General Electric

International Electric Corporation (or IEC for short) is corporation produce military components, consumer goods like home appliances, cybernetics and space technology.IEC also own Seward Entertainment Corparation for media conglomerate.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Headquarters: Spandau/Berlin Regional Offices: Hamburg, London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Moscow, Algiers, Bombay, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Brisbane, Santiago, Brasilia, Caracas, Mexico City, Night City, New York and others.

Name and location of Major Shareholders : Erich Kessler of Berlin, 8X; in conjunction with the Berlin Industrial Investment Group, 38%.

Employees : World Wide : 800,000 Troops : 50,000 Covert : 1300aorox.

Gallery[edit | edit source]