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Megacorporations are the éminence grise of the United States, having essentially been given carte blanche to do as they please by the government. They include:

  • Arasaka, a huge Japanese zaibatsu headed by a megalomaniacal CEO obsessed with making Japan into a superpower; likely nod to World War II arms manufacturer Arisaka.
  • Biotechnica, an Italian biotechnology, pharmacology, and cybernetics firm (possibly referential of Archer Daniels Midland, with a similar logo)
  • Euro Business Machines (EBM), an information technology corporation headquartered in Germany (an obvious nod towards IBM).
  • Infocomp, a commercial think-tank and information repository.
  • International Electric Corporation (IEC), a European conglomerate involved in multiple and diverse industries ranging from consumer products to heavy construction through to corporate finance and insurance (an obvious nod towards General Electric).
  • Kendachi, a Japanese armament company
  • Lazarus Group, an American private military contracting and private security firm with close ties to Militech
  • Merril, Asukaga & Finch, financial analysts (an allusion to Merrill Lynch)
  • Microtech, a computer and electronics manufacturer (a reference to Microsoft)
  • Militech, American arms manufacturer and mercenary contractor with strong ties to the US Government and its military; its CEO desires to make the US into a superpower again and often competes with Arasaka for influence
  • Mitsubishi-Sugo, a major transportation manufacturer
  • Network News 54, an American broadcasting company
  • Orbital Air, an African corporation with a monopoly on space transportation
  • Petrochem, an energy company
  • Raven Microcybernetics, leading cybernetics company
  • SovOil, a Neo-Soviet oil giant, controlling a vast percentage of the petrochemicals market.
  • Trauma Team International, a private medical firm also dealing in medical insurance, prepaid disaster relief, prepaid CSAR, etc.; teams extract their patients from hostile Landing Zones and then evacuate them to an emergency care facility.
  • World News Service, a worldwide news conglomerate, similar to the Associated Press or Fox News Corporation
  • World Satellite Communications Network (WorldSatCom), a satellite communications giant
  • Zetatech, a computer, cyberdeck, robotics, and cybernetics manufacturing company
  • Diverse Media Systems