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General Information

Arasaka (The Arasaka Corporation) is an international Japanese Megacorporation, with their headquarters residing in Tokyo. They specialize in security, banking, and manufacturing, with a focus on their security division. The have more power financially than any other corporation, and use tactics like blackmail and bribery to influence and control key points of interest.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Headquarters : Tokyo

Regional Offices : Singapore, Hong Kong, Osaka, Kyoto, Bangkok, Baghdad, Sydney, London, Hamburg, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Geneva, Helsinki, The Hague, Rio de Janiero, Montreal, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu.

Name and Location of major shareholder : Saburo Arasaka, Tokyo, holding 19.9% of total share.

Employees: Worldwide : 1,000,000 Troops : 100,000 Covert : 5,000

Equipment : 250 AV-4 assault vehicles, 250 Osprey II aircraft, 11 corporate jets, 20 Boeing C-25 heavy cargo jets.

History[edit | edit source]

The Arasaka Corporation was founded in early 1900 by Sasai Arasaka. The company focused on manufacturing during World War 2 to gain money and power. The founder, Sasai Arasaka, predicted the defeat of Japan and made sure that his company and wealth would survive the end of the war by spreading his wealth across the world.

In 1960 Sasai Arasaka died and his son Saburo Arasaka took control of The Arasaka Corporation. Saburo saw a future where Japan would be strong again, not militarily but commercially.

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Arasaka Office Tower : A black building split design can be found in Tokyo and Night City.

The Hokkaido Training Camp : Located in forested mountains of central Hokkaido where Arasaka main troops are trained.

Arasaka Family Compound : The place where Saburo Arasaka lives in the feudal-style mansion. The compound has smooth paths make all areas accessible to Saburo's wheelchair.

Northern Honshu R&D facility : R&D facility contains Arasaka database stored in five customized Microtech SARTA™ supercomputers. The legend among netrunners is that the security programs and intrusion countermeasures on that particular subgrid have claimed the lives of more netrunners than any other single installation. It is not known if anyone has ever penetrated to the data core without authorization.

Gallery[edit | edit source]